QAF | SIFCO Industries, Inc.

Trefethen Advisors' broad-based financial and strategic advisory experience extends across a range of situations, industries and transaction sizes. The firm's professionals have executed the following selected transactions, among others:

Client & Engagement Overview

  • Client was a leader in forging small, complex aluminum parts for the aerospace & defense industries.
  • Principal focus on providing parts for commercial and defense aircraft.
  • Typical products include structural components, landing gear, and engine nacelle applications.
  • Client seeking a sale transaction where the CEO/President quickly transitioned out of the business.


  • Concentration with a leading aerospace manufacturer.
  • Ongoing transition of management responsibilities from the owners to middle level management.
  • Head of sales & marketing passed away during the sale process.
  • Company was reliant on older forging equipment.


  • Approached over 230 strategic and financial buyers, both domestic and foreign.
  • Received 14 initial indications of interest and 4 final offers.
  • Trefethen’s bankers successfully negotiated sale of business to a strategic buyer, SIFCO Industries.